Chef’s Table – A Different Dining Experience

Chef Bruce Lim opens his kitchen playground to anyone who wants to have a different dining experience, get a fresh take on Filipino dishes and satisfy taste buds with bursting unique flavors. Chef’s Table is the very first open kitchen restaurant in Metro Manila. It offers a wide range of Filipino cuisines with contemporary twists, leaving you completely surprised and satisfied.

Here’s my top three list of why I fell in love with Chef’s Table:

1. A burst of flavors in your taste buds(Roasted Tomato Halaan Soup, Calamansi Tuyo Spaghetti, Chef’s Salad, Chill-a-Fino, Lemongrass Iced Tea, Buko Pie Martini)

Chef’s Table makes it possible for contrasting flavors to blend well and have that perfect fusion. The unusual combination of several ingredients also creates a good kick in your taste buds.
The Roasted Tomato Halaan Soup started off the flavorful experience. Chef Bruce totally nailed it when he gave a new twist to the classic clam and ginger soup by adding tomato pouree, cream and lambanog, giveingthat unique spice and sour combination. For our appetizer, we had the Chef’s Salad, a bowl of mixed greens combined with fresh pomelos, sliced eggs and topped with nuts and delectable cheese. Next, we had the Calamansi Tuyo Spaghetti, Chef’s  Table’s original and my personal favorite.  It is a super must try if you want to get a fresh take on pasta. The mix of the salty tuyo (dried fish) and sour calamansi gives that burst of flavors. It is topped with tuyo flakes, cheese and calamansi which you can add to get the right amount of sour and zest flavor according to desired taste. For our main dish, we had the Chill-a-Fino a total surprise for us, combining steamed lapu-lapu and mashed ube drenched in soy sauce and topped with crunchy pechay. I have always loved ube for dessert and I didn’t know until then that ube can be a good combination with fish and a substitute for rice. It was really good! The best way to finish off was to satisfy our sweet tooth so we had the Buko Pie Martini. It gives a new way and approach to Filipino’s favorite. The buko strips, crushed pie crust settled at the bottom and tapioca pearls blended perfectly for the subtle sweet kick. It left us spellbound for a while even after we left the restaurant. A total of five delectable dishes, one super gastronomic feast!

2. A food for the eyes too!

What makes this restaurant very unique is its open kitchen that allows diners to see how their food is being prepared from washing the fresh vegetables down to the final touches of plating. I was impressed to see how calm, relaxed and orderly all those chefs are, it was far from Hell Kitchen’s setting where chefs would shout and look so stressed. It was super interesting to see what’s going on, it was like watching a cooking show live and the chefs were all cooking for you.

Chef Bruce Lim truly understands how Filipinos eat with their eyes first. I believe Filipinos (myself included) immediately form judgments with the plating and presentation. Definitely, Chef Bruce satisfies our hungry eyes with excellent presentation.  The color combination of the different ingredients makes the dishes more appetizing and interesting.

3. You get to talk to Chef Bruce Lim

I’ve known Chef Bruce Lim as a celebrity chef who would appear time to time in different lifestyle shows and cook for Kris Aquino. I also knew that he was a student of a world-renowned chef, Gordon Ramsey and host of  Tablescapes show. Yet when we ate in his restaurant, I found out he was friendly and down to earth too.  He woudl go table to table to check on each customer. We had a chance to have a little chitchat, he asked us what our favorite dish is and shared to us a short story of that favorite dish and his future plans and ventures.

I had so much fun eating in Chef’s Table Thanks to my favorite date in the world for treating me for a free lunch out. Yaaay!

Chef’s table gives a total dining experience with its relaxed and modern ambiance, interactive kitchen setup and most of all excellent food choices. It would definitely change the way you look at restaurants and classic Filipino dishes. Surprise yourself and satisfy your senses.

Chef’s Table by Chef Bruce Lim is located in Unit 106, G/F Infinity Tower, 10th Ave corner 25th St., BGC


I am coming back soon..hooraaah!

For now, let me just say…

I LOVE YOU LIFE,, Thank you for being so awesome. I LOVE YOU GOD…Thank you  for everything.


Rakenrol \m/

Cinemalaya’s Closing Film

Rakenrol was the 7th Cinemalaya Film Festival’s closing film. The premiere was jam-packed! Musicians, celebrities and Pinoy Rock fans all gathered together to witness how a love for music came to life through a film masterpiece. It was definitely an experience for me to be with thousands of people who enjoyed the film’s wit and humor, screamed every time a music icon comes out, got touched by the film’s story and applauded loudly at the end.

And hoorah finally, the much awaited nationwide release of the ultimate Pinoy Rock film has come. It will be shown  in over 40 cinemas nationwide.

Kami ang Hapipaks
It all started with Odie (Jason Abalos) and Irene (Glaiza de Castro), best friends who share mutual love for rock music. Odie is really a good music composer, but never really had the courage to pursue his dreams. When they reached college, Irene suggested them to form a band. As they took on their journey towards their dream, they were confronted with several fateful incidents bringing Odie and Irene them to the other characters together. Along their way, they met Mo (Ketchup Eusebio), a former guitarist of the famous band, Titik O. The two also eventually recruited a school bully, Junfour (Alwyn Uytingco). And there and then Hapipaks, the new and coolest rock star band was finally born.

Some of the other scene-stealers in the film are the characters of Jacci Rocha (Diether Ocampo) – a rockstar legend, a womaniser, played as Irene’s all time super crush and Odie’s huge love rival, Flame Tigerbluden (Ramon Bautista) – the crazy, funny and showy music television director who produced the video of the band’s single and Matet de Leon – as herself who helped the band reached for their dreams by volunteering to manage them.

What’s even more interesting/surprising is to see the big names in music industry who played as cameos. Imagine Ebe Dancel, Mong Alcaraz, Raymond Marasigan, Buddy Zabala and other more in one scene drinking, laughing together and exchanging stories. And of course, nothing beats the scene when one of the ultimate rock star icons, Ely Buendia told Odie not to give up his passion for music.

The Brainchild of Diego Castillo and Quark Henares
Rakenrol is written by Diego Castillo, lead guitarist of Sandwich and Quark Heneras, genius filmmaker behind “Keka”, “A Date with Jao Mapa” and “Super Noypi” and other hit music videos like Urbandub’s Evidence and Taken by Cars’ Shapeshifter just to name a few.

During the Cinemalaya premiere, the two told the audience that making the film was a long and bumpy journey. It took them five years to finish the film as there were a lot of changes in the production – from producers to financial and technical problems. Good thing, these two never gave-up.  I remember, Quark Henares said in one of his interviews that Rakenrol is his love letter to the scene he grew-up in. True to that, any Pinoy rock fan can definitely relate as as the film talked about names of famous rock star legends and also included the actual footages of different concert gigs in Saguijo, MagNet, CubaoX, Mowgai and even Eraserhead’s final set concert. Total Pinoy rock orgasm!

Diego Castillo and Quark Henares

The After Party
An after party in Harbour Square followed after the Cinemalaya premiere. Thanks to Quark Henares as he made Rakenrol’s victory party and his own despedida party opened to everyone else. Yay for a free gig concert! The concert featured Itchyworms, Taken by Cars, Pedicab, Techy Romantics. Sadly, I needed to go home earlier that night so I wasn’t able to watch the performance of the Hapipaks themselves singing the songs featured in the film.

The After Concert Party – Itchyworms, Taken by Cars, Ketchup Eusebio

Definitely, Rakenrol is perfect for those still waiting or have found his life’s defining moment… for anyone who has fallen in love with his/her bestfriend.. for anyone who aspires to take that journey to music… and for anyone who is a huge fan of music, friendship, dreams and love.

Watch Rakenrol and spread the love for music and Pinoy rock!

#breakdown #childhoodscars #failures #lifepressure

During one my stressful weeks, I suffered a little from an emotional breakdown. For a reason I didn’t know, I was just crying. Till I couldn’t keep it to myself, I decided to open-up to my sister. I told her that I hate myself sometimes. I told her that don’t understand why I push and pressure myself too much. I told her that most of the time, I always take things as a challenge. I told her that I am making everything a big deal, an opportunity and chance to be always better. Having the same questions and concerns about me, my sister did not provide me with answers. Instead, just told me to learn to loosen-up and take things lightly.

Till I thought of some theories by myself.

When I graduated from Prep, I got the award equivalent to the class valedictorian. I was so confident and proud that I was one of the most brilliant kids in our batch till I reached first grade. I can clearly remember the time when my mom went to school, talked to my adviser and found out that I have a below average IQ. At that time, having no idea of what it really is, it was just explained to me as “hindi ako ganoon katalino”. It was a major concern for my mother. For months, after school, I would have to devote time to answer brain puzzles and read books, lots and lots of them. That time, I did not completely understand why and how that test determined that I was below average despite being a top 2 student and winning quiz bees.

My brother and I had a lot of petty and even huge fights when we were kids. We would slap, punch, hit and even say the most hurting and offensive words to each other. His favorite was either ampon ako or bobo ako. It was repeatedly uttered to me for numerous times. He knew exactly my weakness. At the heat of our fight or argument, he would just say, “bobo ka kasi” and it’s over. Just like that, I would surrender and claim that again, I lose. I would lock myself in the room and just cry till my mom knocked telling me to stop.

Probably because of these two, at early age I have learned and even mastered the art of competing, not with others but with myself. I worked my way, I studied hard and I took school seriously. I graduated from elementary as top three of the batch and was given a scholarship grant in high school. Thinking that maybe, what I accomplished would prove that what the test revealed of me and what my brother labeled me as were all wrong.

not until..

One of my biggest frustrations was not passing the ACET. Both my siblings made it and graduated college from Ateneo. So when the results came, it slapped me so hard and I hit rock bottom. That time, nobody said exactly that failing the exam made me the least of us three. But still, I did not escape the fact that it was a chance to belittle myself again. I chose to go to UP at first, thinking that would be able to compensate not being able to make it to Ateneo. But being the confused kid who had no idea of what she wanted in life, I changed mind and went to DLSU. I took a chance in one of the hardest courses in that school. Yet at the end, a failure revealed that it’s not meant for me.

I thought again that these two failures caused me to work even harder in college. I would strive to get 4.0’s, be part of the dean’s list and win competitions. I would rather not sleep or take a rest just to study, finish a paper or even improve what I have already done. There was no room actually for pwede na as I always strive for the better.

Nobody pressures me, honestly, I pressure myself and I pushed myself so hard. I don’t want to think that if not all, most of the things I do are result of me always wanting to prove to myself and everyone else that I am far from what people once thought of me. I hate to think that I grew-up having the desire of proving oneself. I know that’s pretty pathetic. The truth is, my confident smart ass exterior lies a little kid who has always been insecure of her mental abilities.

Or maybe, it holds true for me that whatever happened in one’s childhood or somewhere in one’s younger years would have an impact to one’s future. Or maybe, just like Odysseus and Harry, they had scars not only to remind them of a tragic event happened in their lives but a reminder of being able to surpass them and being destined to wage more tests in the future. As for me, I had a fair share of scar too. Just the same, those scars do not define me but certainly helped me make who I am- person always wanting to strive for the best.

AAAAGGHHHH! Ayoko nang careerin ang life masyado. So Lord, teach me to let go and help me lighten-up.
Oh well, everyone has that drama element in life. And I have just shared mine. MMK lang ang peg!;)

Patis Tito Garden Cafe (Formerly Kusina Salud)

Patis Tito Garden Cafe is formerly known as Kusina Salud. Being a part of Viaje del Sol and having good reviews online, I have always wanted to go to and eat in Kusina Salud. Last December when we went there, we found out it was temporarily closed for renovations. Finally, it reopened last April and gave way for a bigger and better Kusina Salud – Patis Tito Garden Cafe.

First, you will be amazed with the restaurant’s view and ambiance. It gives you the feel/vibe of visiting your old grandma’s house for lunch. With its unique, simple and rustic architectural design, it would bring you to the traditional vintage Philippine houses. Add the capiz walls, wooden floors and old tables and chairs to accentuate the classic Filipino interior design. Moreover, its open walls, the trees around, warm shade and cool breeze and even the sound of birds give you a very relaxing ambiance as you enjoy your food.

Patis Tito’s menu gives twists to the usual Filipino foods by adding special herbs and spices to bring-up the unique flavor in every dish. For our lunch, Ate got us all the bestsellers – Classic Bulalo, Combo Appetizer Plate, Inasal Diablo, Kare-kare Seafood and Crispy Tilapia. The Classic Bulalo tastes a little bland for me and there was no bone marrow which I usually looked for in a bulalo. The Combo Appetizer plate was really yummy. It is a platter of vegetable lumpia, lumpiang shanghai with cheese and beef meat balls that come with three special sauces. I discovered putting cheese would make lumpiang shanghai even tastier. Next  is the Inasal Diablo. Don’t worry, it wasn’t as chilly as the name suggest. Actually, the spices, taste of ginger and lemongrass blend well to give that unique flavor to the chicken. We also Crispy Tilapia which was really my favorite. The crispy fried tilapia was combined with coconut milk as its sauce. It was really good! Lastly, we also had the Kare-kareng seafood which was totally new for me as pork pata or beef oxtail is usually the main ingredient for kare-kare. Instead, they have mussels, squid, shrimp and clams as its ingredients. Yum! For my drink, I had the lemongrass iced tea. The taste of the lemongrass was very distinct, making it a very soothing drink.

Classic Bulalo, Combo Appetizer Plate, Inasal Diablo, Kare-kare Seafood and Crispy Tilapia

Patis Tito Garden Cafe invites everyone to stroll around and explore the area.  First, we went around their garden.  There was also a mini-aviary where there are local and unique bird species.

There is also a gallery featuring the works of other artists, the owner’s doll and textile collection and other antique pieces that are for sale. The owner told us of even adding more stuff to the gallery in the future. Cant wait to see that on our next visit.

Patis Tito Garden Cafe is owned by a renowned Filipino designer, Patis Tesoro. She is well-known for her classic and elegant Filipino costumes (Filipiniana, Barong Tagalog, Baro’t-Saya) which are made from all Philippine materials. The whole time we were there, she was very nice and welcoming. She would stroll us around, tell us stories and even let us see the entire place.  She even asked one of the caretakers to bring us to their house which was the Kusina Salud restaurant back then. And we were really amazed with all her antique collections.

The old Kusina Salud restaurant

More than the food, one would definitely fall in love with the ambiance, experience and warm welcome Patis Tito Garden Cafe offers! Definitely, a restaurant worth going back to. Kudos Patis Tito!

Patis Tito Garden Cafe (Formerly Kusina Salud) is located along Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Putol, San Pablo City. Take the San Pablo, Maharlika National Highway. Just a few minutes away from Meralco Powerplant. Take a left turn as soon as you see the Phoenix Gas Station on your right.

Or Better Yet, Date A Girl Who Writes

Date a girl who writes because words are her best friend. You have less figuring-out to do. You will always know what she thinks and what she feels. You could find it on a tissue she doodled on, email she sent to you, poem she composed for you and even just in the post-it she left on your planner.

Date a girl who writes because she likes symbols, metaphors and similes. She has a thousand ways to tell you how much she loves you and she would always go beyond words.

Date a girl who writes because she knows transition well. She knows exactly how to develop your story. You don’t have to rush. Just trust her as she knows when to get into the next stage. Also, she has the concept of page turners. You couldn’t get enough as she has mastered putting twists and turns that would drive you to want even more.

Date a girl who writes as she likes to bring you into a different world, in a totally different dimension you could ever imagine. You would never think of leaving and going back.

Date a girl who writes because she experiences writers’ block. And that’s the perfect time that she needs you. You are her writing muse. You are her inspiration. Believe in her more and inspire her more. With you, the blurry becomes clear, the imagination becomes reality, the thoughts become words.

Date a girl who writes because she’s good in handling conflicts. You don’t have to be afraid to make mistakes, to make the wrong moves. As for her, conflicts make the story flow. Through the conflicts, lessons and themes emerged. She knows the importance of them. You don’t have to be perfect. Make mistakes, do something wrong. She can immediately turn these into things that would make your story even more wonderful.

Date a girl who writes because you can be yourself. She understands the strengths and weaknesses of every single character in her story. She believes that nobody else can know the character than the author. Share your secrets. Tell her everything. Going to the deepest of your persona is what she really wants to achieve. Best thing of it, she would share what a wonderful character you are to everyone else. Show your weakness, acknowledge your shortcomings, admit your faults. You don’t have to worry about them. She appreciates every side and angle of you and all of  those are  important to both character and plot development.

Date a girl who writes because she’s pretty much sure that the next best thing she writes will be your story. The ending might still be unknown and unwritten but she definitely hopes and wishes that it will be her most favorite and most significant happily ever after. With your story, you will be living forever. The next generation of readers will be able to know, appreciate and learn from your story.

Date a girl who writes, fly to another world, live in a whole new dimension, be the perfect character for each other, and together you will write the greatest story. Date a girl who writes cause she’s writing your story with one hand while holding your hand on the other.

[I didn’t mean to sound so cheesy and emotional. It’s pretty cold right now. It’s 2:00 in the morning. I’m bored with all these campaigns and IMC’s I’ve been doing the whole day. It’s Chinese Valentine’s day today.  And oh maybe, I just needed to finish this post I started a week ago. =))]

Why You Should Watch “Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank”

Yaaay,  “Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank will be shown in more than 40 theaters this coming August 3.

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t dare miss it. And as for others, why you should watch it again.

  1. It won almost all the major awards in this year’s Cinemalaya Film festival. Best Film and Best Screenplay for Newbreed category, Best Actress, Audience Choice, and Best Director. Nuff said.
  2. It would be the first time you’ll witness Eugene Domingo plays as herself in a very quirky and witty manner. Plus, she was totally hilarious, as always. THE Eugene Domingo, need to say more?
  3. It’s time to find out how films are usually made. You can get a pretty good overview about the technical stuff on making a film, from scriptwriting to directing. And how crazy and messed-up the minds of these brave filmmakers.
  4. It’s a comedy, musical and drama in one.
  5. You would never stop laughing. Trust me. Too funny that it is the ang sakit na ng tiyan ko film.
  6. I’m pretty much sure you’re all curious about the Septic Tank scene, how yucky and funny could that get.
  7. It gives a whole new thing on poverty. It’s totally different from the docu film or movies that typically portray urban poverty. It feeds you with insights and realizations on poverty without overdoing it.
  8. JM de Guzman  and Kean Cipriano are really really cute. Total eye candies.
  9. It’s totally a breath of fresh air. I’m 100% sure no other films have done this.
  10. Marvel movies are not the only ones that will make you stay in your seats until after the credits. Yaayy for more surprise at the end!

Obvious ba na ang nag-enjoy ko masyado? Don’t miss it on August 3!


Who says Boracay is impossible when there are tropical depression, isolated rain showers, dominating hanging habagat, and scheduled 2 midterm exams the next day? As for I, Kimy, Cherry and Hazel, since we’re all too excited, ready and game, nothing could really hinder the much awaited fun in the sun and vacation grande.

Buyanihan Deal
It was last February when Buyanihan (a group buying site) offered their ultimate Boracay deal which includes a 3days,2nights stay in the newly-opened Crown Regency Boracay Station 2 plus a choice of Parasailing or Jetski. To our luck, PAL had a seat sale that week too. Instead of paying 3k+, we could get it for 700 per way; however, the travel time is from July-September. For people who can’t wait to finally have the Boracay experience, without much thinking and computation, right away..we bought the deal and booked the flight!

HURRAAAH for now came the 2nd week of July!!!

Touchdown Kalibo
Since PAL didn’t offer a promo for their Caticlan flight, we settled for a Kalibo destination. It was a smooth one hour flight. To avoid the hassle of looking for transfers, we opted to take the hotel’s offer. We paid P375 for Kalibo to Caticlan bus ride and the ferry boat that would bring us to the hotel. Yet normally it is just P200 pesos for the bus ride from Kalibo and P50 for the boat transfer, but yeah for the convenience and private transfer. Feeling VIP and RK’s =)) From the airport, since we tied-up with Crown Regency, the moment we landed, there was already a guide for Rizelle Malabanan and friends. We took the Southwest Bus from the airport to the Tabon Port in Caticlan. It took us about 1 and a half hour travel. From there, Crown Regency private ferry boat was waiting for us. The boat transfer was about 15 minutes. Then, a private van was waiting to transfer us from the port to the hotel.

Arrival at the Kalibo International Airport

Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center, Station 2 Boracay
The moment we saw the hotel, the room where we would stay and the rates, right there and then we realized that we really had a good deal with Buyanihan. The hotel was very new as they just opened January of this year. We had the deluxe room, yet the room was too nice for a deluxe. Our room had 2 queen size beds, good enough for 4 and a very nice toilet and bathroom. Besides the room, the food was really really good too. Five spoons! Yeaaaha for a super full and sumptuous breaky! Most importantly, kudos to their excellent customer service. The staff were all too nice. They woke us up in the morning. They arranged our transfers. In one request, they would give us anything we wanted. [Add the secial favors since Kuya frontdesk had a crush on me=))] Keep it up Crown Regency!

Thumps-up for Crown Regency’s excellent customer service

The Bora Night Life
Since I was quite prepared and organized, I made a detail itinerary. And for our first day/night.. we had our dinner in Gasthof (known for its baby back ribs) and experienced the Boracay night life. I wouldn’t give much details about this as it’s quite ’nuff said and some would just remain with us 4. Things you would not like to find out. =)) (insert our favorite inside joke here) Just a little tip: Choose wisely which bar you will go to. Trust me, you don’t wanna bump in or rub elbows with some yikes, ’nuff said. =)) As for the four of us, our first destination was a failure. Yet, we still had the awesomest night! The secret is the people you are with, really. And yeah, if you wanted to master the art of flirting, make eye signals and all that jazz, the bars in Boracay would be the perfect place. =))

Boracay night life

Swim time!
And as for our second (and almost the last day) in Boracay, the whole day was for swimming and outdoor activities. It was to everyone’s surprise that I woke-up so early. For the first time, I was the one to wake-up everybody. Hoorah for excitement. When I woke-up, it was raining so hard. Almost zero visibility. Being the panikera that I am, immediately went online and checked for weather updates; found out that there was a typhoon, Goring. And from isolated rainshower, it went to heavy rain. I even called the reception if the parasailing would still push through with that weather. To our huge luck, it stopped and came Mr.Sun! Mother Nature had been very supportive all throughout the trip. Anyway, as we were waiting for Diamond Sports to fetch us from the hotel for parasailing, we took the time to swim in the kiddie pool. Since Crown Regency Station 2 is new, the kiddie pool is the only one available for use yet. We were just like 7 year old kids who enjoyed so much the slides, falling water and tumble buckets.

As part of our Buyanihan deal, we had an option between parasailing and jetski. Eh bakit naman ako magjijetski, baka matanga lang ako dun and tumalsik. Besides, I can try jetski anywhere.  So we opted for parasailing. The usual price of parasailing is P1500 and can go about to P2000. But this, we had it almost free. 🙂 Diamond Watersports was the most popular company for extreme sports like jetski, parasailing, flyfish and the like. They provided us transfer from the hotel to the the pick-up point. From there, a speed boat transferred us to station then to a bigger speed. Life vest, harness are checked, ready set fly. Parasailing wasnt as scary as I thought it was. I was expecting it would felt like a thrill ride. Except for the sound of loosening screws and harness that would scare you to death. It was actually relaxing. Add the cool breeze and beautiful view of the island. We were about 800 feet high. It was one exciting, fun and relaxing fifteen minute ride. Actually, the fifteen minutes is the ideal time since I think once you go beyond 15, nakakahilo na siya.  When the fifteen minutes is almost over, they pulled us in and down into the water first before pulling us back into the boat. Super saya and I’m super I got to slash off item the parasailing item in my bucket-list.

Haze-Kimy-Cherry-Me, somebody’s got really excited

Parasailing = another bucket list item slashed off

Helmet Diving
While walking along station 1, we saw bunch of ahente’s of different water sports companies. We were choosing what else we could do, it was a fight between island hopping and helmet diving. Since helmet diving is cheaper and would take less time, we chose it. It is P400 per person, everything else included -transfer, helmet gear and DVD of your pictures and video. It is usually priced at P800 but since it’s off-peak and I was good in haggling, we got it at  a discounted rate. The same process, we went to the offshore station where all watersports companies are there. A speedboat took us to the helmet diving location. Before, we had a short briefing of what and what not to do’s while diving. First, the key is to know how to release pressure from your ear, the technique which you hold your nose, sneeze as to release the pressure. Second, they taught us diving signs like doing the money symbol which means youre okay, moving your hand sidewards which means I’m having a problem and doing the okay sign which means you dont wanna continue and go up already. The usual price of parasailing is P1500 and can go about to P2000. But this, we had it almost free. 🙂 It wasn’t scary and one doesnt have to be a swimmer since there are professional divers who guided us well. They would tell you when to release pressure, point you the fishes and corals and would check every once in a while if you’re okay. We were given bunch of breads to feed to the fishes. What I did was I kept the bread between my two fingers so they would go always near me and feel as if they were biting my fingers.

Diving instructions ☑ Diving shoes ☑ All geared-up!

Hooraah for the 20-minute Helmet Diving
Look at the happy kid after the dive!

Boracay Beach Experience
And of course, for first timers like us, who wouldn’t appreciate the pristine waters of the beach, beautiful shore  and the finest white sand of Boracay? The view of the beach and being finally able to step on the sand and experience the beach made the trip even more worth-it.

Finally stepped on the island

YEAAAAH Bora 2011!!!

The sandcastle was actually built by the kids locale in that area. We just had to give them P20 for the building the castle and for taking our pictures. According to the kids, the bigger and nicer Boracay castles are only during the summer. So the kids had to build miniature versions of those.

Though it was super bitin and wasnt as sunny as we hoped for, the Boracay escapade was still a blast. And even I  cried like a baby the moment I arrived in our condo since I had to cram a midterm paper due a few hours and study for another midterm. That trip was still one of the vacations I enjoyed the most!

I finally understood why people got so hooked with the island and keep on coming back. As for me, let’s hope it wont be that long till I go back here. Thank you Boracay for that fast yet one of the most awesome out of town! See you, soon. 🙂

This might help:

  1. From Kalibo Airport to Caticlan – 1 and a half hour travel. Bus fare is around is around P200-250 (vans and buses)
  2. Caticlan to White – around 15 minutes. Fare is around P50
  3. Get Diamond Watersports for extreme sports like Parasailing, Jetski, Flyfish, Banana Boat. Service and safety!
  4. Recommends Red Coral for Helmet Diving. You can comment on this post and I’ll give you their number. Cheapest and safe.
  5. From July-October expect the beach to be maalon brought by the hanging Habagat.

Guy X: Why does it appear like I never matter to you?

Me:  For God’s sake, it was never like that. It was just that I was done with the phase when everything about you still matters. And stop  thinking that you knew every single thing I went through cause you never asked and you never knew at all.  Wanna know something? I friggin’ really don’t care anymore. You have left me with enough shits that nothing else can still affect me.  You have hurt me so bad and that would be enough. You were selfish and you deserve to pay for  the consequences. And yeah, things would have been different if you were just less of an asshole to me.  <Select all, press delete> I don’t know, kasi siguro ang tagal na.

….When what we wanted to say was remain unsaid and unheard.

Cinemalaya Teaser

[x] I-Libings
[x] Ligo Na U, Lapit Na Me
[x] Ang Pagsasayaw ng Daliwang Kaliwang Paa
[x] Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank
[x] Rakenrol



TODAY was extremely awesome!  Four amazing films. Two awesome dates. One free after-concert. THIS IS HAPPINESS:)

will detail more on this, soon.