Independence. Living Alone. Learning Curve

July 3.. Departure. My family left for States last July 3 to attend my tita’s wedding and to enjoy an almost a month vacation.

On that day/week..

  • I received a lot of hugs! I tweeted “Hey friends if you get to see me today, say hi and give me a hug”. I was quite surprised there were a lot who really stopped to give a warm hug. My friends, blockmates, even the ones I didn’t expect did. Really, there are so many sweet people in the world, and I’m happy they are just around me. It felt so good and made me feel less lonely.
  • I saw a brown butterfly, the moment I entered the room in our condo. It was even near my bed. I know in my heart that it was Tita Bet telling me I am not actually alone at home. I still have her to watch over me or even wake up in the morning.
  • My friends offered their cribs for me to spend the night.
  • Joyce met-up with me and gave me food good for the whole week. Even our labandera dropped by our house to give food. Such thoughtful people.

See, there are really things that you don’t have to carry all by yourself. There are a lot of people who would go the extra mile to give a hug, offer food, make you feel okay and secured and less lonely. No matter how far you are from your family, there are really awesome people and even soul to prove to you, you would never ever have feel alone.


While for the almost a month that I was alone, I was proud I was able to accomplish so many things I would have done, learned and mastered few years back.

  • I finally mastered to wash my undies.
  • I realized general house cleaning was actually fun and fulfilling after.
  • I learned to cook.
  • I realized I can actually wake-up without having a mom or sister to do it for me.
  • I can budget well my money.
  • I have the ability to be the man of the house. I go home to check on our house. I had the responsibility to check everything.

I suddenly remembered the technique swimming instructors use t teach the babies or toddlers how to swim. What the instructor does is he throw the kids in the pool and let them swim on their own, cry until they finally combat their fears, figure out how to float and eventually learn to swim. Basically, the same thing with our parents and family. They do have to throw us sometimes in the pool so we can finally be independent and learn that we can live and survive on our own.


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