What the Heck is Wrong with Me?

This year, I said/promised I’d be far more relaxed,academically. I took all the hardest subjects earlier so I would have to enjoy my last year. I didn’t take any org responsibility. I said I would make more time for f-u-n than g-r-a-d-e-s. But I guess, I took that promise too seriously that I’m doing things that are not part of the plan.

  • I have been cutting classes a lot. I guess, it is this term that I have the most number of cuts. Oh well, thanks to my unlicut privilege. But still, most of my subjects check attendance and I’m getting absent tallies a lot.
  • I’m failing my exams.
  • I have a 1.0 standing in one of my floating subjects.
  • I don’t have any organization. I didn’t push through my President application in Writers’ Guild. I don’t attend the activities.
  • I have always been lazy.
  • I always want to be alone. I eat alone. I spend my breaks alone. I stay in the library, most of the time; either to read or take a nap. I’ve been saying no to night-out invites.
  • I’m always 10-15 minutes late in class.
  • I sleep at 3am everyday because I’m busy doing nothing.
  • I’m saying no to competitions. I said no to Kraft’s I-Taste and I’m also saying no to PRSP’s Grand Prix PR competition.

Oh ghawd, maybe this is a terminal or the 5th year syndrome. You know the feeling when you get saturated from all these school stuff, and you just wanted to chill. However, I’m still wanting that honors distinction.

Hell yeah, I want my old self — focused, organized and always have that drive for school back.

TIME TO GET BACK TO BUSINESS.. today’s the start… Let’s do this!


2 thoughts on “What the Heck is Wrong with Me?

  1. Hi

    Did you apply for i-Taste then got called by Kraft and you declined the offer? Or you just didnt submit anything to them? I’m just wondering since I submitted my form a few weeks ago and I haven’t heard anything from them.


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