Happy Birthday My Favorite Angel!

It could have been your 46th year.

You could have been here, treating us  pizza. You could have been here and attend mass together. You could have been here listening to your pamangkin’s birthday song for you. But I know, the last 2 years have been your happiest birthday as you have the grand celebration in heaven. You have there your favorite iced cold coke, pancit palabok, karekare and bagoong, kornik as your handa and even more.  And am pretty much sure, there’s a videoke too as the angels would grant your favorite birthday request.  And as for your birthday wish, I know you will be wishing good health for Lolo and Lola as what you always prayed and wished for here on earth.

There is no day that we don’t miss you. Thank you for still waking me up in the morning. Thank you for still making me always remember that I don’t have to panic.  Thank you for still making everyone strong as you were always the strongest one in the family. Thank you for always praying for everyone to be okay. As you always did.

Happy Birthday Tita Betcha. Happy Birthday, to my most favorite angel in heaven. I miss you, every single day. 🙂


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