Boracay’s Treat for the Tummy

Besides the beach and night life, the tummy treats Boracay offers are also what people always come back for.  I made sure that we would try the best, that is why, I did research on which restaurants are the best and shouldn’t be missed. As for our first Bora trip, we got to try Lemon-i Café, Gasthof, Jammer’s and Johan’s Fruitshake.

Lemon-i Café

On top of my list is Lemon-i Café. Lemon-i cafe serves all-day breakfast, salads gourmet sandwiches, lemon lunch box, chicken and fish entrees. Besides their best-tasting foods, one would enjoy the cozy relaxed feel inside the restaurant. No wonder, this Café was chosen by Philippine Tatler’s as one of the 10 best restaurants, not only in Boracay but in the entire country. Plus, the popularity among Boracay bakasyonistas.

Boracay’s Best Kept Secret

Since the meals are bit pricey and would be out of budget, we decided to order desserts instead. Desserts for appetizer, it is! We ordered almost all their bestsellers. We had the Lemon Cheesecake, Mango Cheesecake, Chocolate Chip cookies, Tiramisu and Apple Cinnamon Pie Tart. Their cake prices range from P120 to P160 pesos. My ultimate favorite would have to be the Lemon cheesecake. The balance of lemon and cheese goodness made it oh-so perfect. In every bite, you would have that melts-in-your-mouth experience. Five spoons for the best-tasting and most satisfying cakes Lemon-i Café offers! Lemon-i Café is located in D’Mall in Station 2

The Best of the Best of Lemon-i Café

The first/next time you go to Boracay, you should definitely not fail to eat eat Lemon-i Café. If you’re craving for the heavenly, best desserts in the island, head straight to Lemon-i Café. As for me, for my next visit, I will not miss their Lemon and Thyme Roasted Chicken or their gourmet sandwiches.

Gasthof’s, Jammers’  and Jonah’s Fruitshake

Gasthof’s Famous Baby Back Ribs
Jammers’ Monster Bacon Burger
Jonah’s Banana Peanut Vanilla Shake

Gasthof. For our first night in Boracay, we had our dinner in Gasthof. Gasthof is known as the “Home of  Boracay’s Famous Baby Back Ribs”. True to that, Gasthof serves really one of the best baby back ribs. Gasthof prides itself with their well-done and tender baby back ribs, the meat is so tender that it falls off from the bone. It comes with their special Gasthof sweet-spicy barbeque sauce. Their Baby Back Ribs Whole which is P700 per order is already good for 4. Gasthof is located along station 2, besides D’Mall.

Jammers Burger. After having our desserts as appetizer in Lemon-i Café, we had our lunch in Jammers Burger. We had the Monster Bacon Burger which is as big as the plate. For P180, their monster-sized burger is already enough for 3 people. Jammers’ were generous in putting toppings to the burger. I love how they put a lot of bacon strips, lettuce and tomatoes. For late night party-goers, they can go to Jammers for a midnight snack as the restaurant is open for 24 hours. Jammer’s Burger located inside the D’Mall.

Jonah’s Fruitshake. Jonah’s serves the best fruitshake in Boracay. They have shakes that come in flavors of melon, magno, banana, avocado, banana, vanilla and chocolate. The shakes come in glasses, but if you are on the go, then you could ask for your shake to be put into handy PET bottles. I got the Banana Peanut Vanilla Shake which is their bestseller. I am not a fan of banana shakes, but this one really got me hooked. It’s the creamiest shake I ever had. Each sip was very rich and creamy that you don’t wanna stop. Add the peanut crunch in every sip. Totally heaven. I couldn’t wait to go back, have my shake in PET bottle and sip it while sunbathing. That will be more perfect. Jonah’s Fruitshake is located along Station 1, near Guilly’s Island.

Even if we just tried a few, I would say.. Boracay is definitely a foodies’ paradise, a perfect reason why come back! Thank you Boracay for the tummy treats!


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