Guy X: Why does it appear like I never matter to you?

Me:  For God’s sake, it was never like that. It was just that I was done with the phase when everything about you still matters. And stop  thinking that you knew every single thing I went through cause you never asked and you never knew at all.  Wanna know something? I friggin’ really don’t care anymore. You have left me with enough shits that nothing else can still affect me.  You have hurt me so bad and that would be enough. You were selfish and you deserve to pay for  the consequences. And yeah, things would have been different if you were just less of an asshole to me.  <Select all, press delete> I don’t know, kasi siguro ang tagal na.

….When what we wanted to say was remain unsaid and unheard.


4 thoughts on “

  1. @mia: aaaww, hahahha! yes please check your FB notif’s.. lets cinemalaya in UP naaa!
    @joyce: itigil ito! wag nating gawing thread. HAHAHHA. It’s not what youre thinking ah..di ako affected, hahaha. gusto ko lang magvent-out, lam mo naman pag paulit-ulit, nakakairita na! but everything’s well.


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