Or Better Yet, Date A Girl Who Writes

Date a girl who writes because words are her best friend. You have less figuring-out to do. You will always know what she thinks and what she feels. You could find it on a tissue she doodled on, email she sent to you, poem she composed for you and even just in the post-it she left on your planner.

Date a girl who writes because she likes symbols, metaphors and similes. She has a thousand ways to tell you how much she loves you and she would always go beyond words.

Date a girl who writes because she knows transition well. She knows exactly how to develop your story. You don’t have to rush. Just trust her as she knows when to get into the next stage. Also, she has the concept of page turners. You couldn’t get enough as she has mastered putting twists and turns that would drive you to want even more.

Date a girl who writes as she likes to bring you into a different world, in a totally different dimension you could ever imagine. You would never think of leaving and going back.

Date a girl who writes because she experiences writers’ block. And that’s the perfect time that she needs you. You are her writing muse. You are her inspiration. Believe in her more and inspire her more. With you, the blurry becomes clear, the imagination becomes reality, the thoughts become words.

Date a girl who writes because she’s good in handling conflicts. You don’t have to be afraid to make mistakes, to make the wrong moves. As for her, conflicts make the story flow. Through the conflicts, lessons and themes emerged. She knows the importance of them. You don’t have to be perfect. Make mistakes, do something wrong. She can immediately turn these into things that would make your story even more wonderful.

Date a girl who writes because you can be yourself. She understands the strengths and weaknesses of every single character in her story. She believes that nobody else can know the character than the author. Share your secrets. Tell her everything. Going to the deepest of your persona is what she really wants to achieve. Best thing of it, she would share what a wonderful character you are to everyone else. Show your weakness, acknowledge your shortcomings, admit your faults. You don’t have to worry about them. She appreciates every side and angle of you and all of  those are  important to both character and plot development.

Date a girl who writes because she’s pretty much sure that the next best thing she writes will be your story. The ending might still be unknown and unwritten but she definitely hopes and wishes that it will be her most favorite and most significant happily ever after. With your story, you will be living forever. The next generation of readers will be able to know, appreciate and learn from your story.

Date a girl who writes, fly to another world, live in a whole new dimension, be the perfect character for each other, and together you will write the greatest story. Date a girl who writes cause she’s writing your story with one hand while holding your hand on the other.

[I didn’t mean to sound so cheesy and emotional. It’s pretty cold right now. It’s 2:00 in the morning. I’m bored with all these campaigns and IMC’s I’ve been doing the whole day. It’s Chinese Valentine’s day today.  And oh maybe, I just needed to finish this post I started a week ago. =))]


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