Rakenrol \m/

Cinemalaya’s Closing Film

Rakenrol was the 7th Cinemalaya Film Festival’s closing film. The premiere was jam-packed! Musicians, celebrities and Pinoy Rock fans all gathered together to witness how a love for music came to life through a film masterpiece. It was definitely an experience for me to be with thousands of people who enjoyed the film’s wit and humor, screamed every time a music icon comes out, got touched by the film’s story and applauded loudly at the end.

And hoorah finally, the much awaited nationwide release of the ultimate Pinoy Rock film has come. It will be shown  in over 40 cinemas nationwide.

Kami ang Hapipaks
It all started with Odie (Jason Abalos) and Irene (Glaiza de Castro), best friends who share mutual love for rock music. Odie is really a good music composer, but never really had the courage to pursue his dreams. When they reached college, Irene suggested them to form a band. As they took on their journey towards their dream, they were confronted with several fateful incidents bringing Odie and Irene them to the other characters together. Along their way, they met Mo (Ketchup Eusebio), a former guitarist of the famous band, Titik O. The two also eventually recruited a school bully, Junfour (Alwyn Uytingco). And there and then Hapipaks, the new and coolest rock star band was finally born.

Some of the other scene-stealers in the film are the characters of Jacci Rocha (Diether Ocampo) – a rockstar legend, a womaniser, played as Irene’s all time super crush and Odie’s huge love rival, Flame Tigerbluden (Ramon Bautista) – the crazy, funny and showy music television director who produced the video of the band’s single and Matet de Leon – as herself who helped the band reached for their dreams by volunteering to manage them.

What’s even more interesting/surprising is to see the big names in music industry who played as cameos. Imagine Ebe Dancel, Mong Alcaraz, Raymond Marasigan, Buddy Zabala and other more in one scene drinking, laughing together and exchanging stories. And of course, nothing beats the scene when one of the ultimate rock star icons, Ely Buendia told Odie not to give up his passion for music.

The Brainchild of Diego Castillo and Quark Henares
Rakenrol is written by Diego Castillo, lead guitarist of Sandwich and Quark Heneras, genius filmmaker behind “Keka”, “A Date with Jao Mapa” and “Super Noypi” and other hit music videos like Urbandub’s Evidence and Taken by Cars’ Shapeshifter just to name a few.

During the Cinemalaya premiere, the two told the audience that making the film was a long and bumpy journey. It took them five years to finish the film as there were a lot of changes in the production – from producers to financial and technical problems. Good thing, these two never gave-up.  I remember, Quark Henares said in one of his interviews that Rakenrol is his love letter to the scene he grew-up in. True to that, any Pinoy rock fan can definitely relate as as the film talked about names of famous rock star legends and also included the actual footages of different concert gigs in Saguijo, MagNet, CubaoX, Mowgai and even Eraserhead’s final set concert. Total Pinoy rock orgasm!

Diego Castillo and Quark Henares

The After Party
An after party in Harbour Square followed after the Cinemalaya premiere. Thanks to Quark Henares as he made Rakenrol’s victory party and his own despedida party opened to everyone else. Yay for a free gig concert! The concert featured Itchyworms, Taken by Cars, Pedicab, Techy Romantics. Sadly, I needed to go home earlier that night so I wasn’t able to watch the performance of the Hapipaks themselves singing the songs featured in the film.

The After Concert Party – Itchyworms, Taken by Cars, Ketchup Eusebio

Definitely, Rakenrol is perfect for those still waiting or have found his life’s defining moment… for anyone who has fallen in love with his/her bestfriend.. for anyone who aspires to take that journey to music… and for anyone who is a huge fan of music, friendship, dreams and love.

Watch Rakenrol and spread the love for music and Pinoy rock!


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