Chef’s Table – A Different Dining Experience

Chef Bruce Lim opens his kitchen playground to anyone who wants to have a different dining experience, get a fresh take on Filipino dishes and satisfy taste buds with bursting unique flavors. Chef’s Table is the very first open kitchen restaurant in Metro Manila. It offers a wide range of Filipino cuisines with contemporary twists, leaving you completely surprised and satisfied.

Here’s my top three list of why I fell in love with Chef’s Table:

1. A burst of flavors in your taste buds(Roasted Tomato Halaan Soup, Calamansi Tuyo Spaghetti, Chef’s Salad, Chill-a-Fino, Lemongrass Iced Tea, Buko Pie Martini)

Chef’s Table makes it possible for contrasting flavors to blend well and have that perfect fusion. The unusual combination of several ingredients also creates a good kick in your taste buds.
The Roasted Tomato Halaan Soup started off the flavorful experience. Chef Bruce totally nailed it when he gave a new twist to the classic clam and ginger soup by adding tomato pouree, cream and lambanog, giveingthat unique spice and sour combination. For our appetizer, we had the Chef’s Salad, a bowl of mixed greens combined with fresh pomelos, sliced eggs and topped with nuts and delectable cheese. Next, we had the Calamansi Tuyo Spaghetti, Chef’s  Table’s original and my personal favorite.  It is a super must try if you want to get a fresh take on pasta. The mix of the salty tuyo (dried fish) and sour calamansi gives that burst of flavors. It is topped with tuyo flakes, cheese and calamansi which you can add to get the right amount of sour and zest flavor according to desired taste. For our main dish, we had the Chill-a-Fino a total surprise for us, combining steamed lapu-lapu and mashed ube drenched in soy sauce and topped with crunchy pechay. I have always loved ube for dessert and I didn’t know until then that ube can be a good combination with fish and a substitute for rice. It was really good! The best way to finish off was to satisfy our sweet tooth so we had the Buko Pie Martini. It gives a new way and approach to Filipino’s favorite. The buko strips, crushed pie crust settled at the bottom and tapioca pearls blended perfectly for the subtle sweet kick. It left us spellbound for a while even after we left the restaurant. A total of five delectable dishes, one super gastronomic feast!

2. A food for the eyes too!

What makes this restaurant very unique is its open kitchen that allows diners to see how their food is being prepared from washing the fresh vegetables down to the final touches of plating. I was impressed to see how calm, relaxed and orderly all those chefs are, it was far from Hell Kitchen’s setting where chefs would shout and look so stressed. It was super interesting to see what’s going on, it was like watching a cooking show live and the chefs were all cooking for you.

Chef Bruce Lim truly understands how Filipinos eat with their eyes first. I believe Filipinos (myself included) immediately form judgments with the plating and presentation. Definitely, Chef Bruce satisfies our hungry eyes with excellent presentation.  The color combination of the different ingredients makes the dishes more appetizing and interesting.

3. You get to talk to Chef Bruce Lim

I’ve known Chef Bruce Lim as a celebrity chef who would appear time to time in different lifestyle shows and cook for Kris Aquino. I also knew that he was a student of a world-renowned chef, Gordon Ramsey and host of  Tablescapes show. Yet when we ate in his restaurant, I found out he was friendly and down to earth too.  He woudl go table to table to check on each customer. We had a chance to have a little chitchat, he asked us what our favorite dish is and shared to us a short story of that favorite dish and his future plans and ventures.

I had so much fun eating in Chef’s Table Thanks to my favorite date in the world for treating me for a free lunch out. Yaaay!

Chef’s table gives a total dining experience with its relaxed and modern ambiance, interactive kitchen setup and most of all excellent food choices. It would definitely change the way you look at restaurants and classic Filipino dishes. Surprise yourself and satisfy your senses.

Chef’s Table by Chef Bruce Lim is located in Unit 106, G/F Infinity Tower, 10th Ave corner 25th St., BGC


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