Boracay’s Treat for the Tummy

Besides the beach and night life, the tummy treats Boracay offers are also what people always come back for.  I made sure that we would try the best, that is why, I did research on which restaurants are the best and shouldn’t be missed. As for our first Bora trip, we got to try Lemon-i Café, Gasthof, Jammer’s and Johan’s Fruitshake.

Lemon-i Café

On top of my list is Lemon-i Café. Lemon-i cafe serves all-day breakfast, salads gourmet sandwiches, lemon lunch box, chicken and fish entrees. Besides their best-tasting foods, one would enjoy the cozy relaxed feel inside the restaurant. No wonder, this Café was chosen by Philippine Tatler’s as one of the 10 best restaurants, not only in Boracay but in the entire country. Plus, the popularity among Boracay bakasyonistas.

Boracay’s Best Kept Secret

Since the meals are bit pricey and would be out of budget, we decided to order desserts instead. Desserts for appetizer, it is! We ordered almost all their bestsellers. We had the Lemon Cheesecake, Mango Cheesecake, Chocolate Chip cookies, Tiramisu and Apple Cinnamon Pie Tart. Their cake prices range from P120 to P160 pesos. My ultimate favorite would have to be the Lemon cheesecake. The balance of lemon and cheese goodness made it oh-so perfect. In every bite, you would have that melts-in-your-mouth experience. Five spoons for the best-tasting and most satisfying cakes Lemon-i Café offers! Lemon-i Café is located in D’Mall in Station 2

The Best of the Best of Lemon-i Café

The first/next time you go to Boracay, you should definitely not fail to eat eat Lemon-i Café. If you’re craving for the heavenly, best desserts in the island, head straight to Lemon-i Café. As for me, for my next visit, I will not miss their Lemon and Thyme Roasted Chicken or their gourmet sandwiches.

Gasthof’s, Jammers’  and Jonah’s Fruitshake

Gasthof’s Famous Baby Back Ribs
Jammers’ Monster Bacon Burger
Jonah’s Banana Peanut Vanilla Shake

Gasthof. For our first night in Boracay, we had our dinner in Gasthof. Gasthof is known as the “Home of  Boracay’s Famous Baby Back Ribs”. True to that, Gasthof serves really one of the best baby back ribs. Gasthof prides itself with their well-done and tender baby back ribs, the meat is so tender that it falls off from the bone. It comes with their special Gasthof sweet-spicy barbeque sauce. Their Baby Back Ribs Whole which is P700 per order is already good for 4. Gasthof is located along station 2, besides D’Mall.

Jammers Burger. After having our desserts as appetizer in Lemon-i Café, we had our lunch in Jammers Burger. We had the Monster Bacon Burger which is as big as the plate. For P180, their monster-sized burger is already enough for 3 people. Jammers’ were generous in putting toppings to the burger. I love how they put a lot of bacon strips, lettuce and tomatoes. For late night party-goers, they can go to Jammers for a midnight snack as the restaurant is open for 24 hours. Jammer’s Burger located inside the D’Mall.

Jonah’s Fruitshake. Jonah’s serves the best fruitshake in Boracay. They have shakes that come in flavors of melon, magno, banana, avocado, banana, vanilla and chocolate. The shakes come in glasses, but if you are on the go, then you could ask for your shake to be put into handy PET bottles. I got the Banana Peanut Vanilla Shake which is their bestseller. I am not a fan of banana shakes, but this one really got me hooked. It’s the creamiest shake I ever had. Each sip was very rich and creamy that you don’t wanna stop. Add the peanut crunch in every sip. Totally heaven. I couldn’t wait to go back, have my shake in PET bottle and sip it while sunbathing. That will be more perfect. Jonah’s Fruitshake is located along Station 1, near Guilly’s Island.

Even if we just tried a few, I would say.. Boracay is definitely a foodies’ paradise, a perfect reason why come back! Thank you Boracay for the tummy treats!


Happy Birthday My Favorite Angel!

It could have been your 46th year.

You could have been here, treating us  pizza. You could have been here and attend mass together. You could have been here listening to your pamangkin’s birthday song for you. But I know, the last 2 years have been your happiest birthday as you have the grand celebration in heaven. You have there your favorite iced cold coke, pancit palabok, karekare and bagoong, kornik as your handa and even more.  And am pretty much sure, there’s a videoke too as the angels would grant your favorite birthday request.  And as for your birthday wish, I know you will be wishing good health for Lolo and Lola as what you always prayed and wished for here on earth.

There is no day that we don’t miss you. Thank you for still waking me up in the morning. Thank you for still making me always remember that I don’t have to panic.  Thank you for still making everyone strong as you were always the strongest one in the family. Thank you for always praying for everyone to be okay. As you always did.

Happy Birthday Tita Betcha. Happy Birthday, to my most favorite angel in heaven. I miss you, every single day. 🙂

What the Heck is Wrong with Me?

This year, I said/promised I’d be far more relaxed,academically. I took all the hardest subjects earlier so I would have to enjoy my last year. I didn’t take any org responsibility. I said I would make more time for f-u-n than g-r-a-d-e-s. But I guess, I took that promise too seriously that I’m doing things that are not part of the plan.

  • I have been cutting classes a lot. I guess, it is this term that I have the most number of cuts. Oh well, thanks to my unlicut privilege. But still, most of my subjects check attendance and I’m getting absent tallies a lot.
  • I’m failing my exams.
  • I have a 1.0 standing in one of my floating subjects.
  • I don’t have any organization. I didn’t push through my President application in Writers’ Guild. I don’t attend the activities.
  • I have always been lazy.
  • I always want to be alone. I eat alone. I spend my breaks alone. I stay in the library, most of the time; either to read or take a nap. I’ve been saying no to night-out invites.
  • I’m always 10-15 minutes late in class.
  • I sleep at 3am everyday because I’m busy doing nothing.
  • I’m saying no to competitions. I said no to Kraft’s I-Taste and I’m also saying no to PRSP’s Grand Prix PR competition.

Oh ghawd, maybe this is a terminal or the 5th year syndrome. You know the feeling when you get saturated from all these school stuff, and you just wanted to chill. However, I’m still wanting that honors distinction.

Hell yeah, I want my old self — focused, organized and always have that drive for school back.

TIME TO GET BACK TO BUSINESS.. today’s the start… Let’s do this!

Independence. Living Alone. Learning Curve

July 3.. Departure. My family left for States last July 3 to attend my tita’s wedding and to enjoy an almost a month vacation.

On that day/week..

  • I received a lot of hugs! I tweeted “Hey friends if you get to see me today, say hi and give me a hug”. I was quite surprised there were a lot who really stopped to give a warm hug. My friends, blockmates, even the ones I didn’t expect did. Really, there are so many sweet people in the world, and I’m happy they are just around me. It felt so good and made me feel less lonely.
  • I saw a brown butterfly, the moment I entered the room in our condo. It was even near my bed. I know in my heart that it was Tita Bet telling me I am not actually alone at home. I still have her to watch over me or even wake up in the morning.
  • My friends offered their cribs for me to spend the night.
  • Joyce met-up with me and gave me food good for the whole week. Even our labandera dropped by our house to give food. Such thoughtful people.

See, there are really things that you don’t have to carry all by yourself. There are a lot of people who would go the extra mile to give a hug, offer food, make you feel okay and secured and less lonely. No matter how far you are from your family, there are really awesome people and even soul to prove to you, you would never ever have feel alone.


While for the almost a month that I was alone, I was proud I was able to accomplish so many things I would have done, learned and mastered few years back.

  • I finally mastered to wash my undies.
  • I realized general house cleaning was actually fun and fulfilling after.
  • I learned to cook.
  • I realized I can actually wake-up without having a mom or sister to do it for me.
  • I can budget well my money.
  • I have the ability to be the man of the house. I go home to check on our house. I had the responsibility to check everything.

I suddenly remembered the technique swimming instructors use t teach the babies or toddlers how to swim. What the instructor does is he throw the kids in the pool and let them swim on their own, cry until they finally combat their fears, figure out how to float and eventually learn to swim. Basically, the same thing with our parents and family. They do have to throw us sometimes in the pool so we can finally be independent and learn that we can live and survive on our own.

The Big Comeback

Taaaduh! After a month and a half of being on a hiatus, I am finally back to blogging! (Did I just hear a yehey? I hope I did) I was gone for a while not because I was having a ningas-kugon attitude again where I started something, became lazy and then just quit from it. Cause I am pretty much like that. But no, I had a summer job that really took much of my time during the past month and a half.

For the whole month of May, I became very busy with my first ever “real-world” project. I was hired by an agricultural company owned by my friend to write the content of the promotional materials for the product line they were relaunching. I wrote the product profile for different types of materials. 7 product description + the benefits x 3 materials (brochure, flyer and flip charts) to a total of 21+ product write-ups. Add the corporate profile, vision-mission, and core values. Quite a lot, YES! And trust me, it wasn’t an easy one especially when you had to deal with clients who are quite perfectionist and noticed even the smallest detail. That is why for the whole May, my routine was wake-up-lunch-work-dinner-work till 3am-sleep and the same cycle went on. Every end of the week was my deadline for a particular material so since there are 3 materials plus the hardest one, corp. profile, it did take me 4 weeks straight to finish my job. After regular meetings, lots of drafts and revisions, I was finally done. I was really really happy to see the final outcome of my hardwork. My client was very happy with my work. Eyebags, breakout and missed gimiks were all worth-it. More than the paycheck I got, the sense of fulfillment for accomplishing everything and satisfying your first-ever client was the better prize. I wanted to show you everything I have written, maybe in the next post as it will be a good chance to advertise my service. HAHAHHA!

So anyway, the point is. Work is over, am finally back to blogging! YAHOO! And oh in case, you happened to visit my blog during the past 2 weeks, you would have noticed it was marked private. I just wanted to create a feeling of anticipation towards my readers (if there are) and to surprise them with lots of new entries. But definitely, my blog is still public.

Don’t get confused. The next coming entries might be a little rewind, as I will try to still blog about the ones that are long overdue. Some of the posts are more like  the “Here’s what you missed” ones.

HAPPY (back to) BLOGGING to ME and HAPPY (back to) READING to YOU! Cheers.

With the surprising number of new entries and so-so quality of my posts, I am surely keeping my fingers crossed,  hands clasped together and eyes closed that I made a good comeback for you.=))

An Open Letter for Joycie

Back when we were in grade school, being immature little girls that we are, we had the concept of “best friends” as asking one to be the best friend and eventually when something came up, would lead to break-up. Pretty much resembled a boyfriend-girlfriend set-up. You weren’t my legit bestfriend that time, it was actually Jea. Then we suddenly became close and I thought of asking you to be my “other” bestfriend. (May concept na pala tayo ng kabit noon pa,LOL) Having a shallow definition of what friendship really is and “Can you be my bestfriend? Yes” as just basis, we didn’t actually last long and eventually broke-up. I had new closest friend and you had yours too which extended until third year high school. As what I can recall, there was even a point that we belong to a different subgroup, I was in the “manang” side who said no to boys and you were in the “malandi” side who had a boyfriend that time. Finally, I got you back as my bestfriend accidentally when our barkada had fallen apart with Jann who was your bestfriend that time. And the rest was history.

Though how immature, twisted, gossip girl-ish our friendship started, ended and started again, I would always look back to this one. The story of our friendship has definitely made me realize that when the universal forces are pairing up people to become bestfriends, luckily they saw me and decided to make me the luckiest one.

They say, goodbyes that are unplanned, sudden and got us unprepared are the hardest and most painful ones. But why this goodbye that was planned a long time and has prepared me for months, even years hurts as much? I guess, I will never  be ready for any kind of goodbye, even the temporary and planned one. Don’t leave has really been stuck in my throat for a few days now. I wanted to tell you those words every single day until you leave but I know that would be very selfish of me. You know that I will always support you as you reach for your dreams, even if that means it will hurt so bad that you have to pursue it in the other side of the world.

After attending your despedida, I just become more proud to be your bestfriend. I was a witness to how much your friends love you. We were all there to share one thing that you unselfishly offer everybody, your genuine friendship. Truly, that’s your most endearing quality unique to your character, and most of all, the best thing people will always appreciate about you. In whatever circle or group, I’m definitely sure that you’re always known to be the one who goes the extra mile for your friends, literally and figuratively. Most of them experienced the Joyce friendship for four or five years and they couldn’t be thankful enough. What more I who have been friends with you for more than 10 years or so? Just imagine how double or triple the gratitude I feel for everything you’ve done for me.

I want you to know that it will take some time for me to adjust not being able to text someone and get a reply right away about.. “hey I have this new crush”, “I went out with”, “he’s shitting me na naman”, “Joycie,I won in this competition”, “I did something really crazy again” and “Dude, things are heating-up, what do I do now”. Cause you’re the only friend I know who will never get tired of hearing same stories or receiving those texts and would right away tell me, let’s meet and kwento more. It will be even harder for me to get used to of not having a sure person to go with any of the SIBS’ plans. We all know you are always the first person to say yes. I just can’t imagine there’s no one to help me plan and text everybody about the details. I will really miss you and it’s really hard to think how things will be so different now, without you.

Nothing will change, I know that for sure. You will still be the first one to meet my boyfriend. You will still be part of our annual Christmas reunion. You will hear the biggest news that I got the job in Nestle. Even if all of these will be done through Skype. I believe in our friendship so much that I know this is just a temporary parting. We have survived storms and changing times, and this time even geographical miles.

No matter how inevitable that this letter will end with a goodbye, I would still get away from it. And again, every single day until you go back, I will miss you. For this parting, I will just have to leave the words, I will miss you and I will see you soon.  I love you.


You’ll be with me
Like a handprint on my heart
And now whatever way our stories end
I know you have re-written mine
By being my friend…(For Good, Wicked)

Now you fully understood how emotional  and dramatic I become sometimes?=)) 

Atchinson-Magracia Nuptial

Here’s their twist of fate story:
Uncle Bill met an accident that almost killed his life. He even suffered from a comatose. He became okay but had to undergo several therapy. Then he met Tita Bays who is an occupational therapist in the US for almost 15 already. He was the patient, she was the OT. And the rest was history. Who would expect that Uncle Bill’s second life would mean his next big shot in love too? While who would have thought that after going so many miles and waiting for so many years, Tita Bays would finally have her chance encounter. Sorry, am just really a sucker for cute love stories.

Congratulations to Uncle Bill and Tita Bays!!!!
And here’s a toast to chance encounters, waiting to find the right one and of course, love to last a lifetime. Awww. June and weddings.

Of College Decisions, Discovering Yourself and Figuring Out Life

I can’t believe that my cousin Jhoanne is now a freshman in college. Yesterday, I was just babysitting her, giving her pasalubong from school and bringing her to her piano lesson. Time flies too fast, I am no longer that Ate Chi, but I am now her big sister who is expected to give her advice on college, future and life in general.

A few weeks back, Jhoanne was asking me for tips in making big decisions, getting the right choice and surviving college. Being the indecisive little girl who chose Lasalle over UP during the last minute, who thought Accounting was the best career in the future, who shifted twice, who at one point thought to take NMAT exam; trust me I am not the best person to ask  for advice about future or career. But what kind of cousin am if I didn’t give her advice or even at least make sense?

And so I tried. I asked her what she is afraid of. She told me she fears that she will make the wrong decision and end-up disappointing her parents. The same exact fears I had before. I made the wrong decision. I gave up my childhood dream and thought that going after numbers would mean earning in huge numbers too. I was impatient. I was in a rush. I was a quitter. I chose DLSU and attempted to make it to the path of Accountancy. I tried. I studied hard. I hoped. But if things aren’t really meant for you, pushing for it would be just futile and pointless. I disappointed my parents couple of times too. It remained unsaid but I knew DLSU wasnt the best one for them. I had to shift from Accountancy. I had to explain to them I want to take a double degree program. They never understood what the heck Organizational Communication is. My mom even confessed to me that there was a time that they were already nervous and concerned about the path I am taking and if it would even bring me to a worthy destination. It hurt so bad to know that you have not met your parents’ expectations, more so making them disappointed and concerned about you.

However, there are people who get all the luck in the world that at their first try, they already succeeded. I knew a lot of friends who chose to be in that course, stayed there and eventually pursued it as a career. I wasn’t. When I was in my second year high school where I learned about Algebra, I think I have mastered trial and error so much that my whole college life was a perfect application of that technique. I went to this course and failed, I tried another. I was on this path, felt still incomplete, added a new course. Until finally, I got the perfect equation and answer.

Now, who would have thought that same mistakes, wrong decisions and failures are the same ones that finally led me to the path of ending-up as a runner-up in Asian Development Bank’s video contest, opened doors of opportunities in the world of Public Relations, got me published in Manila Bulletin and Inquirer and made me earned money while studying. My point is, yes I made mistakes and disappointments; but when after I finally discovered where I am supposed to be, everything else followed and went my way. The thing is, I just had to make my way and work hard to make those mistakes and disappointments turned into something people would be proud of me.

Looking back to everything I have gone throughout college, I would say I am living with no regrets at all. Yes, there were wrong decisions, couple of mistakes and bunch of failures, but I’m happy I made them all. They were just disguised as those but in fact, they were actually my step paths towards finding myself, knowing where I am meant for and of course, figuring out life.

As for my final advice for my cousin, I told her to never become afraid to make wrong choices and face failures. More so, it is completely okay to not get everything the first try. As for me, it took time to figure out who I am, what skills I have, where I am meant for and what kind of future life is leading me into. I let fate worked its way around me. I armed myself with positive thinking and attitude. And then I just enjoy every way towards discovering myself, surviving and figuring out life.

Then I made sense. To her, at least.

100 Years of Lasallian Presence in the Philippines

06.16.11 – The epic date everyone waited for a long time.  A celebration of DLSU’s 100 years of presence and excellence in producing achievers for God and country.

The highlights of the celebration include: The Green Mile: Lasallians gathered along the stretch of Taft Avenue making some noise and showing everyone their Animo Spirit. Some motorists even showed their support by honking their horns. Wooot! Greenstory: The Lasalle History Walk-Through : A human tableux that exhibits Lasallian presence in the Philippines through the years. The actors presented a short story and then after, froze the action where people could take pictures with them.

Green Mile Parade. Lasallians making some noise along Taft Avenue

I missed out some parts like the Planting of the 1,000,000th tree and the Pop Concert because my block had a big reunion in BeachHouse. I was so happy I saw them and received lots of hugs. Of course, what better way to celebrate the centennial than celebrating it with with the first people you knew and loved in DLSU, right? We came back  just in time to watch Kjwan. See, how supportive they really were to me.

And as for this one. It has been a forever tradition that every time Kjwan goes to DLSU, I never missed out a photo op with my biggest love in the world. Sadly, he was a little snob and wasn’t that game unlike before. Though it was super bitin as they only sang 2 songs, I’m still glad Kjwan was still of part of the line-up. Yahoo! Never get tired.

The hand, the hand!:)) I love you forever, Marc. 😉

Another highlight of the celebration was Isang Daan, Sangandaan Centennial Show but sadly we weren’t able to buy tickets earlier so we weren’t able to watch. It was a concert that featured Lasallian artists like Gary V, Iya, Barbie Almalbis, Kitchie Nadal and many more. While waiting for the Pyroshow, we just stayed in the Amphitheater. The waiting time was perfect for us to catch-up with each other, talk about the latest chikkas and even reminisce our frosh days.

Yuchengco Building, sana ganto nalang siya every night

The part that we all waited for, the grand finale of the Centennial celebration, Loud and Proud: Concert and Pyromusical Show. First, The Dawn performed. Woot, it was my first time to see them live.  I would have to admit, the band and Jet Pangan still have that OPM magic that can still give you goosebumps and a total eargasm. I died when they sang their finale, Salamat. Whoo, hands-down! On their last song, Salamat, sky lanterns are released. Pretty much reminded me of Tangled. Finally, the 10-minute fireworks display with the centennial’s theme, Live it Up as musical background. Too perfect and too epic!

And the grand fireworks display that got me teary-eyed and everyone awed

After was the most heartfelt singing of the Alma Mater hymn ever. Imagine being with a thousand of people who share the same Animo love and spirit.The Alma Mater hymn was led by famous Lasallians such as Gary V, Randy and Rowell Santiago, RJ Ledesma, Epi Quizon and JM Rodriguez.

Hail to thee our Alma Mater, HAIL! HAIL! HAIL!

Happy 100 Years La Salle. I would have to say that so much of me is made from what I learned from you. From making me a Doer, Learner, Server, Leader back then in DLSL to still continuing to mold me become A Lasallian Achiever for God and Country, thank you. Cheers to 13 years and still counting of Lasallian education. I owe you a lot.

Animo LaSalle!

*Credits to Loi Francisco for some of the pictures

Kasambuhay Habambuhay: Nestle’s 100 Years Celebration

As part of the 100 years celebration of Nestle Philippines, Nestle offered “Kasambuhay Habambuhay: A Short Film Anthology”. It features 10 short films on family, life, love, hope and  friendship that all encapsulate Filipino culture and values. Each film highlights a particular Nestle product and presents how each of these Nestle products becomes a huge part of the lives of every Filipino family. The films that are part of the movie anthology are The Howl and the Fussyket, Unplugged, Silup, Isang Tasang Pangarap, Sali Salita, Oh! Pa Ra Sa Ta U Wa Yeah!, Downtown, Tingala sa Baba, Cooking Mo, Cooking Ko and Sign Seeker.
My top three films would have to be:

  1. Unplugged – A team of young football players were set on a teambuilding in a province. The kids who are very inclined to gadgets, technology and internet were challenged to surrender all their gadgets to their coach. Later on, these kids realized the importance of reconnecting with nature, themselves and most of all, the simplicity of life. As what one character in the film said, “Minsan kelangan magdisconnect para maconnect ulit”.
  2. Tingala sa Baba – It’s the story of two kids, one is rich and the other is poor who are playing see saw in a school playground. The rich fat one is asking the poor thin kid to let him experienced to be the one on top for once. Though living different lives and belonging to different social status, these two kids developed a special friendship – a friendship that resolved their differences and brought them together.  In life we can’t make it to the top by just ourselves, as someone would definitely come and help us get there. 
  3. The Howl and Fussyket  – A film on a young boy whose biggest dream is to join and win in a declamation contest, yet faced with a huge challenge as he has an f and p speech defect. With his strong will and help of his family, this kid was able to overcome this challenge. The film reminds us that our family would always be there as we try to reach for our dreams and even in the time we face failures. More so, we may lose our chance to our biggest dream but we will win the one which we are  really meant for. 
I certainly wished Nestle will find a way for other Filipinos to watch these 10 films. Definitely, heartwarming, tug at the heart sleeves. Must see for every Filipino family.

And this the story of how I was able to attend the exclusive premiere night…Out of the blue, I decided to “Like” the facebook page of Nestle and there I saw a contest wherein the first 50 people to like and comment on the wall post about Kasambuhay Habambuhay will be given two tickets for the exclusive premiere night in Megamall. Lo and behold, I had the chance to go to the premiere night! Trust me, everything I went through that day was all for the love and dream of Nestle. HAHAHAH! Here it goes. I had to miss an exam in my marketing major so I could watch this.  I  texted my prof I was sick and asked for a make-up. I had to fly all the way to Megamall before 6pm. I had to cram a presentation to be submitted within an hour as an exchange for the exam I would miss.  I brought my laptop and continued doing the powerpoint in French Baker while waiting for the program to start. Come on, tell me this isn’t hardcore?=))

Anyway, it turned out really really well. One of the unforgettable events I atteneded. Definitely, all I went through of were worth-it, really worth-it! I experienced a red carpet entrance for the first time. Rubbing elbows with some celebrities and Nestle Executives. Too bad, I didnt see Sandra Puno, (Director of Nestle’s Corporate Communications) my ultimate dream boss. Nonetheless, Haze and I had a photo opportunity with Coco Martin!

Add the star sightings during the night! Super sightsagasm for Haze and me!
 Spotted: Maja Salvador, Coco Martin, Vice Ganda, and THE John Lloyd Cruz

Nestle was really really generous! We got a lot of freebies during the premiere night. We were offered a cocktail table and the waiters kept on serving us food, good food! As we entered the cinema, they gave us free popcorn and drinks to munch as we watched the films. As we exit, another bag of freebies were waiting for us. It’s a bag of Nestle with Milo products, Kitkat and a recipe book, perfect for mom. The freebies didn’t end there cause after a few steps, we were given Alpo products – 4 cans of beef and chicken chunks. Total food feast for my five dogs. Luckily, Haze does not have any dog so I got to take home her Alpo freebies. Yahoo!

Cocktail foods and Nestle freebies for me and Haze and oh, for my five dogs too!


I thought the Nestle fever ended that night. After a week, I was very surprised to find-out I was part and the finale of the commercial they are showing. My Orgcom blockmate tweeted me saying she saw me on Nestle commercial. Then, a lot of people were telling me. Sadly until now, I still haven’t seen it. GEE! Achieve na achieve ko talaga.. Pang Nestle na pang Nestle ang beauty ko,LOL. If saying “Happy 100 years Nestle” in national television count as a qualification for me to get into Nestle, I would definitely put this in my resume! HAHHAHA.

Thank you Nestle. Happy 100 years. And see you, soon. 🙂